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Predictive Search

What if a user doesn’t know exactly what to search for? What if they don’t know if they should be searching main products vs. trim levels vs. product accessories?
The platform’s predictive search feature takes the user’s unfinished search keywords and queries the database for all relevant content titles. As the user adjusts their keywords, the predictive search reacts in real-time to provide new results and suggested search topics.

Responsive Design

What if all of the company’s nationwide Sales Associates could access a training platform quickly and easily from their desk, the sales lot, or the showroom floor?
Then no salesperson would ever be stumped by a customer’s question again. To achieve this, we built the entire front-end of the training portal to be fully mobile responsive, which means it can be viewed in its entirety on any device.

Product Guide

How can highly detailed product and comparison info on the car models be presented to users in a way that is easy to access and simple to digest?
It’s not a coincidence that the platform’s UX funnels users into selecting and viewing information on the company’score products, as this is the most important content in the system. Once they arrive on a “product guide”, users are able to easily scan through the different levels of information as it relates to their needs, or dive deeper into the various trims and comparison data.

CMS Editing

How do the company admins easily manage the platform’s 35,000 users and all of its content?
Instead of incorporating a pre-built content management system (CMS) and being handcuffed to additional, unnecessary features or over-engineered functionality, we built our own.
By doing so, we were able to build a CMS tailored to the needs of the admin, only as they relate to this platform’s intended use. This custom CMS provides inline editing, drag-and-drop file uploads, and other ultra-intuitive content management features that are simple enough for anyone to log in and use.


How how can we gain deeper insights into how this internal sales tool is being utilized by Sales Associates?
In addition to incorporating conventional analytics tools (like Google Analytics), which are ideal for understanding page views, time on site, and location data, we built in our own key data points to be tracked and displayed in a separate admin view. The resulting data shows much more comprehensive user-specific data like number of logins, content viewed, and content shared. These “user audits” can be filtered and/or downloaded into a spreadsheet for use offline.
The quality of [Expedition Co.’s] work blows me away because every time we ask for something, they consistently exceed our expectations. The team goes outside the scope to improve a component because they believe in their work and want to deliver the best product possible.
Jared Dowdy, Sr. Manager
National Sales Training, Hyundai North America
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